Storm Damage Specialist

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Storm damage causes enough stress without adding in confusing insurance claims, deductibles, and limits. Our staff is experienced in working with your insurance company to safely clean up tree damage caused by Storms with as little money out of your pocket as possible.

Tips for Filing a Claim with your Homeowners Insurance

  • Do not remove any trees from your property yourself. A common mistake homeowners make is to remove the trees off their roof. Not only is this extremely dangerous, it may be the only damage that your insurance company will cover, leaving you to pay disposal costs yourself.

  • Storm damage is mitigation just like water damage is. Policy limits for disposal do not apply to mitigation. ·

  • It is your responsibility to secure the property from additional damage from future rain.

  • We will ensure your property can be accessed safely by contractors giving estimates and tarping. Trees are unpredictable and are best removed by experienced arborists.

  • We are a phone call away and will respond quickly. Call the experts 405-609-9211

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