Tree Trimming

Maintain Your Trees with R&B Tree Service


Our crew of experienced arborists practice ISA recommended pruning techniques. This not only enhances your tree’s natural beauty, but it also extends its lifespan ensuring you enjoy it for decades to come.


Perhaps most importantly, it keeps your property safe from tree obstructions. All of these coincide and benefit from proper tree trimming techniques. Otherwise, the tree can become unsightly, or branches and debris can fall on your home.

Say No to Toppings!

Tree topping is the practice of removing whole tops of trees or large branches and/or trunks from the tops of trees, leaving stubs or lateral branches that are too small to assume the role of a terminal leader. Some species of trees are more likely to recover from topping than others. There are alternatives to topping that can help to achieve the same goals without damaging trees.

  • Causes Significant Stress to your tree. This is why so many branches shoot up from the topped branches. It is a survival mechanism.

  • Future Safety Issues are caused when there are no terminal leaders to provide support. This makes them susceptible to storm damage, pests, and disease.

  • Tree Topping does not reduce size. Crown Reduction Pruning by a professional arborist and application of growth regulator is a better option for controlling the size of your tree.

  • Topping your tree significantly lowers it is life expectancy.

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